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June 2021 Financial Planning & Investment Newsletter

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / June 24, 2021

Financial Planning & Investing Newsletter June 2021

In This Issue: Financial Planning & Investing Newsletter June 2021

Each month we cover Financial Planning & Investing topics that apply to you.  We cover a variety of topics to point out timely information that applies to you.  See what’s in our Financial Planning & Investing Newsletter June edition!


More Retirement Changes Coming with SECURE Act 2.0

Despite earning a reputation as a “do nothing” Congress, they’ve actually passed a lot of bills in recent years affecting taxes and retirement. It started with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Then the SECURE Act of 2019. The CARES Act of 2020. And now they’re at it again. While the current bill making its way through Congress doesn’t make as dramatic of moves as the SECURE Act did, there are definitely more retirement changes coming with SECURE Act 2.0.

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Tax Planning:

2021 Advanced Child Tax Credit: What It Means For Your Family

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the government shoveled a lot of money towards consumers through three rounds of stimulus checks. You’d think the “stimmy check” parade was over, but there’s yet another round of cash coming for families with young children! Here’s what the 2021 Advanced Child Tax Credit might mean for your family.

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Personal Finances

To Pay Down Or Save? A Question Of Net Worth [Video]

People ask: Should I pay off a loan or should I save money?  This really becomes a question of net worth.  Let’s discuss what this is, why it matters, or if it does even matter.  Paying off a loan, also known as a liability, from cash flow increases your net worth by decreasing an amount you owe.  Saving money, setting it aside into an account increases your net worth, increasing the amount you own.

Check out this video here!

Financial Plan Commitment: Stick with your plan [Video]

Financial Plan commitment or sticking with your plan can certainly be one of the hardest parts about investing your money because of the need to control your emotions.  Greed and fear can begin to take over and make the best investor out there make some investment mistakes they regret later.  Now, we are in an election year and there is a lot of emotion around that. In addition to the fact that we are in a social media age as well.  All these emotions get amplified.  So how can you take the temperature and check yourself to make sure you don’t make an emotional investment mistake?  I have four things I always like to tell people:

Click here to see the 4 things to look for!

Business Owners

Business Owners and the Balance Sheet [Video]

We have a specific set of videos just for business owners. We will be talking about legal structure, entity selection, operations, accounting, and payroll. Today we will be talking through what small business owners need to know about the balance sheet.  What is the balance sheet? The balance sheet is essentially what you own and what you owe

Watch this video here!

Financial Planning & Investing Newsletter June!

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