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[Video] When do I need to issue a 1099?

January 7, 2021

[Video] When do I need to issue a 1099?| When do I need to issue a 1099 is a very common question by business owners. A 1099 shows payment throughout the year to non-employees.

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[Video] Update Your Monthly Contribution(s)

November 2, 2020

[Video]Update Your Monthly Contribution(s)| Did you know the maximum amount that can be contributed to retirement accounts can change from year to year?  It’s true.  And taking advantage of these contribution limit increases can make a big impact over your working career.

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[Video] Business Owners- How to Improve Cash Flow

October 26, 2020

[Video]Business Owners-How to Improve Cash Flow| We are going to talk through a Cash Flow Statement which highlights the inflows and outflows of cash.  And for every business owner, cash is life!  It’s what keeps the business going.

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[Video] Saving Strategies for High Income Earners

October 5, 2020

[Video]Saving Strategies for High Income Earners| One of the biggest questions we get from high earning business owners and corporate executives is; how can I be saving more money? Here are a few options to think about!

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[Video] Business Owners: Set Up Repeatable Monthly Bookkeeping Tasks

September 28, 2020

[Video]Business Owners: Set Up Repeatable Monthly Bookkeeping Tasks| How do you set up an accounting structure so everything is in place where you can get reports and know the health of your business? Let’s talk about some monthly repeated tasks you can do every month, every period, and every year.

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[Video] 5 Ways to Improve Business Accounting & Budgeting

September 7, 2020

[Video] 5 Ways to Improve Business Accounting and Budgeting| We have been talking to our business owners on ways to improve operations, legal structure, and accounting. Here are five ways you can improve the accounting or budgeting process that you have.|Fee-Only Financial Advisor, Deer Park, Chicago, Barrington, Palatine

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