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Employee Benefits

[Video] Employee Benefits: Health Insurance And HSA

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[Video] Employee Benefits: Health Insurance And HSA   MICHELLE SMALENBERGER CFP® & TREVORE MEYER, CFP®, CKA® [Length: 3:17 Minute Video] Michelle: So a major cost that many people are always thinking about is health insurance. And you can get this through your employer. It’s an employee benefit that is usually available to you at some…

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[Video] Employee Benefits: Disability Insurance

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[Video] Employee Benefits: Disability Insurance MICHELLE SMALENBERGER CFP® [Length: 2:48 Minute Video] It’s that time of year again and you are probably choose from different employee benefits that you have that you have options for. One of these options of benefits could be for disability insurance. I just want to walk you through what disability insurance…

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[Video] Small Business Retirement Plan Options: 401(k)

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[Video] Small Business Retirement Plan Options: 401(k) STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA ® We have already talked about setting up a retirement plan for a company that’s not incorporated.  What if your company is incorporated? What options are available now with a 401(k) and what’s different? With an S-Corp you’re required to pay yourself a reasonable salary.…

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[Video] Are You Fully Vested?

MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® Have you ever looked at your retirement account statement and noticed two different account balances?  The first being an account balance and the second being the vested account balance.  This is because there is a time frame that you have to wait before the employer contributions in your account are vested.  Let’s…

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