Tax Season Review

Tax Season Review

June 9, 2022

The 2021 tax season is officially behind us! Over the past few years there have been unusual factors making tax preparation and planning more challenging than ever.

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Consolidating Retirement Accounts

Consolidating Retirement Accounts [Video]

March 1, 2022

[Video] Consolidating Retirement Accounts| Do you have accounts with past employers you need to do something with? Should you roll these over?

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Prepare for your tax returns using FORMS [Video]

January 19, 2022

It’s tax season and everyone’s thinking of everything they need to get ready for their accountant.  I want to help you prepare for your tax return with an easy system to remember all the things you need to pull together.

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12 Tax Things to do before 12/31

12 Tax Things to do Before 12/31 [Video]

October 25, 2021

Here are 12 Tax Things to do before 12/31. This is the second most common time people start to think about their finances.

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Tax Gain loss harvesting

Tax Gain-Loss Harvesting [Video]

July 20, 2021

Today we are talking about tax gain and loss harvesting. Watch our video to see one thing to help you keep more of your money!

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What can I do with my RMD?

What Can I Do With My RMD? [Video]

May 24, 2021

An RMD comes from accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs. Let’s see how an RMD is calculated, taxed, received and ultimately used.

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