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Wealth Management Financial Advisors on Impactful Giving with Shelley Nizinski Reese and A Better Life for Kids

Impactful Giving: Tax Strategies and Vetting Charities [Video]

We all want to make a difference with impactful giving. In this video, find out how to evaluate charities and employ tax-efficient strategies.

Experienced Fiduciary Fee Only Financial Advisors in Chicago on Estate Planning Checklists

Estate Planning Checklist

Estate plans are a critical piece of your financial life. Like it or not, we’re all going to pass away some day. How will your assets be handled? Who’s going to care for our children? Creating an estate plan ensures that you have a say in these important questions. Estate plans can also prevent unnecessary family arguments after you’re gone. Our estate planning checklist will help guide you through each of the key aspects of an estate plan.

Experienced Fee Only Financial Advisors In Chicago on Open Enrollment and Employee Benefits

How to Choose Open Enrollment Benefits

Open enrollment season is almost here! It’s time to get familiar with all the benefits your company offers you this year. Our guide will help you understand the most common open enrollment benefit options, and how best to choose open enrollment benefits.

Fee Only Financial Advisors in Chicagoland on Health Savings Accounts

Everything to Know About Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts have been around for 20 years but are often misunderstood and underutilized. HSAs are powerful savings tools to cover future medical expenses, such as long-term care, or to help fund healthcare for early retirees. We explain everything you need to know about health savings accounts: what they are, how contribute to them, and how to use them.

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What are the Latest Inherited IRA rules?

The Inherited IRA rules have changed a lot in recent years. Many recipients of Inherited IRAs are confused about if – and when – they need to take money out of these accounts. This post aims to clear up the confusion, laying out exactly what you need to do depending on what type of Inherited IRA beneficiary you are.

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Ways to Save for Your Kid’s College [Video]

Trying to save for your kid’s college tuition? In this video, we share some questions to consider and the savings options available to you.