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Filling Out The FAFSA: Getting Your FSA ID

FAFSA Season 2021-2022: Getting Your FSA ID [Length: 6 Minute Read] With the start of the 2021-2022 college application season coming up on October 1st, we’ve created a 2-part series called “Filling out the FAFSA” to guide you through the process. This post will help you understand what FAFSA is, why it’s important to fill…

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Entering a Brave New World

These events mark a shift in how investors should think about the environment they’re used to investing in. The first is the increasing acceptance of what’s called Modern Monetary Theory(MMT). The second is the new approach the Federal Reserve is taking to targeting inflation. But the goal with this month’s newsletter is that clients understand what these shifts mean for their investments.| Fee-Only Financial Advisor, Deer Park, Chicago, Barrington, Palatine

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