labor shortage

Will Labor Shortage Push Inflation Higher?

May 13, 2021

A labor shortage is emerging as the economy opens up from COVID-19 lockdowns. We worry that this labor shortage will push inflation higher. See what the investment implications of this labor shortage might be.

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April Investment Newsletter

May 2021 Financial Planning & Investment Newsletter

May 13, 2021

Financial Planning & Investing April 2021 Newsletter: Should I Count on Social Security in Retirement? | Underpayment Penalties Aren’t Worth Paying [Video]|Fee-Only Financial Advisor, Chicago, Barrington

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Business Owner Operational Reviews

Business Owner Operational Reviews [Video]

May 11, 2021

Let’s discuss what you can be looking at in your own business owner operational reviews as it relates to saving time. Time = Money

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global chip shortage

Increasing Prices From Global Shortage of Computer Chips

May 6, 2021

Consumer goods inventories are low and prices are much higher. You can thank a global chip shortage for these increasing prices. Why?

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existing life insurance contracts

What to look for in existing life insurance contracts? [Video]

May 3, 2021

Our final video of our life insurance series “What to look for in existing life insurance contracts”. What 4 things should you be looking for?

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fee only financial advisor deer park barrington chicago check your credit report

Check Your Credit Reports

April 28, 2021

Check Those Credit Reports! Extra unemployment assistance for people affected by coronavirus is leading to more fraud and identity theft. See what they’re doing and how you can protect yourself.

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