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[Video] Tax Reform Sunset

financial advisor deer park financial design studio tax reform sunset draft

STEPHEN & MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, EA® & CFP® Tax planning is all about looking forward. What is going to be happening in years to come.   Tax legislation thought is a very different topic because it changes or it stays the same until it changes.    In 2018 we had the tax cut and jobs act,…

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[Video] Charitable Contribution Grouping

financial advisor deer park financial design studio charitable contribution draft

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA® There is a lot that goes into tax planning. With the recent changes in the tax law and environments, charitable contribution is one area that has seen a lot of change. With the standard deduction doubling year over year, the benefit of charitable deductions has decreased. Charitable Contribution Decline So we are…

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[Video] The Benefits Of Changing Jobs

fee-only Chicago Financial Advisor Deer Park Draft Time For A Career Change

[Video] The Benefits Of Changing Jobs ROBERT STOLL, FP®, CFA® [Length: 1:37 Minute Video] Let’s talk about your career and what the benefits of changing jobs might be for you. A lot of career experts will say that changing your career jobs on a regular basis is not only good to help you advance your…

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Does It Pay To Switch Jobs?

fee-only Chicago financial advisor deer park barringon drat emo switch jobs

Does It Pay To Switch Jobs? It’s an age-old debate: Are you better off from a career standpoint staying at one company for the long-term or switching jobs occasionally? Fortunately, we have some interesting data on wage growth that can help inform the debate! The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta publishes a data series that…

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