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[Video] Structure Determines Performance

fee only financial advisor deer park barrington deer park structure determines performance draft

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA® Structure Determines Performance Our daughter Emma loves to build puzzles. Initially she would find random pieces and try to put them together. Then she progressed to looking at this picture and finding the ones that are similar had the same colors. Eventually she got around to learning to find those corner pieces that edgings and then building structure.…

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[Video] Feel Versus Real

fee only financial advisor deer park barrington chicago feel real draft

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA® Feel Versus Real Sometimes there’s a difference between what we think we’re doing and what we actually are.  See, I love the game of golf and recently I took a little camera like this, went outside, set it up behind myself and hit record.  I took some swings and when I went…

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[Video] Hits & Misses, Goals In Your Life

financial design studio fee only financial advisors deer park hits and misses goals draft

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA® [Video] Hits & Misses, Goals In Your Life The last time we had family over, we pulled out some old games we had saved when we were kids.  One in particular is Battleship. It is a really fun game where you and your opponent try to find and sink each other’s five…

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