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A team of experienced, fiduciary, fee-only financial advisors, who are passionate about bring financial confidence to your finances. Today we have the privilege to come alongside clients from all walks of life and help them as they raise families, reach career milestones, open businesses, celebrate retirement, and achieve financial goals.

It all started back in 2017 when Michelle and Steve Smalenberger decided to start a different kind of firm. They had a vision for flexible plans that could endure the pressures of life which led to the founding of Financial Design Studio (FDS). Since then, the firm has grown, and the team has too. In 2019, Rob Stoll and Trevore Meyer merged their businesses with FDS and became partners.

As we look to the future, we know that as our team continues to grow, our priority will always be to provide each of our clients with great service and our fullest attention. There's always room for more in the FDS family!

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