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Stock Market

Will Company Earnings Recover in 2021?

COVID fee only financial advisor deer park barrington chicago 2021

One of the puzzling things we’ve seen the last two months since the COVID crisis washed ashore in the U.S. is the dichotomy between the real economy and the stock market. On one side, the real economy is posting its worst performance since the Great Depression. Yet on the other side, the stock market is…

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It’s Official… We Are In A Recession

fee only financial advisor deer park Barrington Chicago were in a recession

This week we got our first estimate of the impact of the COVID crisis on the U.S. Economy. As expected, we’re now in recession. But the real ugly data is still to come. On Wednesday, the Commerce Department posted its estimate of first quarter economic growth for the U.S. The result? Economic activity contracted at…

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Fill Up Those Bathtubs With Oil!

fee only financial advisor deer park barrington chicago crude oil prices

Monday witnessed one of the craziest events we’ve ever seen in financial markets. The price of crude oil dropped below zero, meaning that people would PAY you to “buy” oil. There’s actually a good reason why the price of oil can be negative, but there’s also a larger takeaway about how bad economic conditions are…

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Cash Savings Rates: Back to Zero

Fee Only Financial Advisor Deer Park Barrington Cash Savings Rates Back To Zero

Keeping cash in savings accounts for emergencies and other cash needs is a bedrock of sound personal financial planning. But there’s a trade-off: earning lower returns.  As we assess the post-COVID landscape, we turn our attention to the outlook for cash savings rates. Unfortunately, the potential to earn decent interest rates on our cash isn’t…

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Where Do We Go From Here? Coronavirus Update

Where Do We Go From Here? Coronavirus Update fee only financial advisor deer park barrington chicago draft

A lot is happening in response to the spread of the coronavirus. As you all know, many of us are in lock-down, working from home and hoping that these actions help “flatten the curve” on the spread of the virus. The Response We are less than one month into stay-at-home orders and school shutdowns, but…

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