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Stock Market

2018 Market Repeat?

Financial Design STudio Market Repeat

2018 Market Repeat? As we look back on 2018 it was certainly a wild ride.  The first 3 quarters of the year brought strong market performance all for it to fizzle in the last quarter of the year.  And yet, analysts we like to follow are already forecasting a strong 2019 with potential double digit…

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The Stock Market Makes History

Financial Design Studio STock Market Makes HIstory

The Stock Market Makes History After a few months of discouraging market movements downward this week brought a historic day in the market!  A late Christmas present arrived on Thursday bringing the largest one day gain in history. We’ve explained about Santa Clause Rallies before and what they are. Here’s a recap of the one-day…

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“Buying On The Dip”

“Buying On The Dip” Have you ever heard anyone talk about buying stock on a dip?  This is a common way for investors to earn some additional return by buying when a stock has a lower price and it’s expected to bounce back.  However, the stock’s price has to actually go higher after that dip…

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