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China – U.S. Trade Deal = Stronger Emerging Markets?

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / January 15, 2020

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China – U.S. Trade Deal = Stronger Emerging Markets?

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Phase 1 of the China-U.S. trade deal is signed this week, easing trade tensions between the two countries. How does this deal impact investment strategy?

Since President Trump took office, the U.S. has imposed tariffs and other trade measures against China and other countries. At times, these moves cast a pall over stock markets, leading to occasional quick selloffs that spooked investors. 

The impact on Emerging Market investing has been profound, as can be seen here below. Since President Trump announced the first tariffs against China in early 2018, Emerging Market stocks (red line) have underperformed U.S. stocks (blue line) by a wide margin.

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The reason why Emerging Market stocks have performed so poorly is because China is a huge driver of activity in other emerging markets. Growth in China drives demand for cement, iron ore, copper, and other commodities that are mined in other parts of the world. As China’s growth rises and falls, so does investor sentiment towards other emerging markets.

Now that trade tensions appear to be simmering, it’s interesting to see that Emerging Market stocks have started to perform better.

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Is this the start of a bullish run in Emerging Markets vs. the U.S.? Time will tell. But it highlights the importance of maintaining a diversified investment portfolio.

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