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Stock Market Headlines Grabbing Your Attention?

Financial Design Studio Stock Market Drop

Stock Market Headlines Grabbing Your Attention? As we see increased volatility in the market, do you find that news headlines are grabbing your attention? It’s no wonder you’re attention is piqued. Consider the following ways headlines could be written: “1,000 point drop in the Dow”   versus   “2% drop in the Dow” “Dow travels 20,000 points” …

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[Video] Plan For Those You Love

Financial Design Studio Plan For Those You Love

Studio Chat: Plan For Those You Love STEPHEN & MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® In honor of Valentine’s day this week, let’s talk about making a plan for those people that you love!  Just like you may have set plans to celebrate this week, let’s discuss the plans you should make in case something happens to you.…

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A Week Of News Has The Market Fumbling…

Financial Design Studio Fumbling

A week of news has the market fumbling… This week, there was no shortage of days that caused investors to perk up their interest wondering why.  Most of the week saw market declines that likely have investors considering portfolio changes.  It was full of sorting through who the real investors are versus the speculators that have…

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[Video] Getting Started On Investing

Financial Design Studio Started on Investments

Studio Chat: Getting Started On Investing STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA & MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® So many people are excited about getting started on investing and seeing growth from the money they’re saving.  But one thing that is really important to remember is to have an emergency fund.  Put money aside before you start investing.  Everyone wants…

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Does Volatility in the Market Benefit You?

Financial design studio Chicago

Does Volatility in the Market Benefit You? After a year of low volatility and great market growth in 2017, what should we expect in 2018?  If you look at the following chart you will notice that years of low volatility do not usually repeat.  I don’t see any years below where the line is perfectly…

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