Facts Are Stubborn Things
– John Adams

by Michelle Smalenberger, CFP® / April 18, 2017

A fact is something that can’t be changed.  It is what it is.  The simple fact is the earlier you start to plan and care for your finances, the longer you’ll have to reach your goals.

Distracting thoughts like “I don’t have enough money” or “Once I get things in order I’ll get started” are the reason you want to start now!  The point is to allow yourself the best possible outcome and options for how to reach your goals.  Whether you get started on your own with readily available tools or with an advisor who will actively guide you through the decisions you’ll make in your life, the point is to do something.

How many times have you heard a parent, grandparent or teacher try to share wisdom or advice with you, but you weren’t ready to listen?  I bet you can recall a time that you’ve thought, “If only I would have done that” or “What if I had listened?”

Instead of spending any more time looking back, please let me challenge you to take action today to move forward and set a plan in motion.  Make that phone call, read that book you bought years ago, take that class, sort through the stacks, whatever the step is you need to take.  Do it today!

If you know that you need to get help in order to get started, let me share that a financial advisor should help you start from whatever point you may be.  You shouldn’t feel judged for the decisions you have or haven’t made.  Instead, you should feel like you’ve gained someone on your team who is excited to help you progress forward.

Planning and caring for your finances can be fun when you see progress being made rather than the regret of what you haven’t done.

So don’t be stubborn, like the facts.  Make progress today!


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