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[Video] Having Teaching Moments With Your Kids About Money


Having Teachable Moments With Your Kids About Money

Earlier this year my wife and I were able to take our daughter to Disney world.

And about that same time my mom pulled out my old bank.

And it was through those lessons, through seeing Disney, through seeing mickey and her princesses that I was able to teach her about money.

We were able to teach her about the different denominations of money, but then also the importance of saving, how much fun that can be.

So, my encouragement to you, our encouragement here at Financial Design Studio is look for teachable moments that you can have with your kids, with your grandkids, and make it fun.

Excitement and teachable moments is really a great foundation, and if you can do that now, we’re building blocks upon that.

Money can be fun, it’s important in our lives, but it’s a tool too.

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