Podcast Episode 13: Financial Advisors on Silicon Valley Bank

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / March 20, 2023

With all the Silicon Valley Bank news, there are a lot of questions going around. This episode shares what we have communicated directly to our clients. We wanted to take the time to share the specific things our team has done to protect FDS client finances. We also breakdown how this bank failure happened and address what this impacts. As always, please reach out with any question you have!

Behind the Designs Ep 13 : Financial Advisors on Silicon Valley Bank

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Key Moments

2:55 What caused this bank to Collapse?

9:00 How does the FDIC fit into the picture?

14:50 What does Charles Schawb Co. do as the FDS custodian?

26:29 What does FDS do to protect your money?

35:28 Is there any good news?

43:56 How will the Fed respond?

Links on the Silicon Valley Bank Failure

FDS Comment on the Silicon Valley Bank Failure, emailed directly to our clients.

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Credits for Episode 13

Executive Producer : Anna Lewis

Host : Michelle Smalenberger, CFP

Guest : Robert Stoll, CFP, CFA

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