Podcast Episode 12: The Biggest Threat to Your Financial Plan

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / March 8, 2023
Michelle Smalenberger, CFP

This episode will breakdown the biggest threat to your financial plan that you need to watch out for. If your financial plan isn’t protected from these dangers, you are vulnerable. But when you understand what the risks are, as well as opportunities, you can make the most of your finances.

Behind the Designs Ep 12 : The Biggest Threats to Your Financial Plan

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Key Moments

1:20 What is a financial risk?

3:22 What if you don’t have a plan?

7:15 What if you haven’t gotten started?

8:36 What about the market?

11:50 How to stay protected from the market?

16:21 What makes the risk worth it?

20:50 What if you are missing opportunities?

27:13 The biggest risk is . . .

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Credits for Episode 12

Executive Producer : Anna Lewis

Host : Michelle Smalenberger, CFP

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