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Financial Planning & Investment Newsletter

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / February 3, 2022

First Quarter 2022

In This Issue: First Quarter 2022 Financial Planning & Investment Newsletter

Each quarter we cover Financial Planning & Investing topics that apply to you.  We cover a variety of topics to point out timely information. See what’s in our Financial Planning & Investing Newsletter First Quarter 2022 Edition!


Will Value Stocks Beat Growth Stocks in 2022?

On Wall Street, it’s always fun sport to take the first trading days of a New Year and muse about what they might mean for the rest of the year. Most of the time, early January trading doesn’t mean a lot. But as we are in the midst of several cross-currents hitting the economy and stock market, we shouldn’t avoid thinking about what signals are being sent by the stock market. One of the biggest questions on the minds of investors is, “Will Value Stocks Beat Growth Stocks in 2022?” We’ll look at this question and take a broader look at the makeup of the stock market as we head into the New Year.

Read the rest of the article here.

Get Organized: Your Accountant Will Thank You! [Video]

It’s that time of year when you’re thinking about filing your tax return.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone bring in a box of unopened mail or receipts and give it to their accountant.  What if you came in earlier, organized, and understanding your situation?  How much better would things be?  If that interests you and that caught your attention then this is for you.

You may be completing a tax organizer from your accountant, drafting an email, or putting all of these things in a folder.

Watch the video here!

When do I need to issue a 1099? [Video]

When do I need to issue a 1099 is a very common question by business owners.  A 1099 states the payment you’ve made throughout the year to non-employees.  It is a tax document that tells the IRS what you paid to the individual.  This includes individuals such as contractors or subcontractors. A 1099 is simply a summary of payments.  Once your total payments to an individual get over a certain threshold the IRS requires you to issue a 1099.  Once it is over $600 for the year you need to issue a 1099.  So, this is the dollar amount to answer the question of when do I need to issue a 1099? 

See the video here!

Update Your Monthly Contributions [Video]

Did you know the maximum amount that can be contributed to retirement accounts can change from year to year?  It’s true.  So do you update your monthly contributions to your retirement accounts?  Taking advantage of these contribution limit increases can make a big impact over your working career.  Today, I want to walk through this with you to make sure you are indeed maxing out these accounts when able!

For the year 2020, the maximum amount that can be contributed to a 401(k) is $19,500.  If you’re over age 50, you get to contribute an additional $6,500 for a total of $26,000.  If we are just looking at the $19,500 that works out to $1,625 per month.  What can you do if you’re not on-track to maximize your 401(k)? 

Watch the video to see more!

First Quarter 2022 Financial Planning & Investment Newsletter

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