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Get Organized: Your Accountant Will Thank You! [Video]

by Steve Smalenberger / February 19, 2018



It’s that time of year when you’re thinking about filing your tax return.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone bring in a box of unopened mail or receipts and give it to their accountant.  What if you came in earlier, organized, and understanding your situation?  How much better would things be?  If that interests you and that caught your attention then this is for you.

You may be completing a tax organizer from your accountant, drafting an email, or putting all of these things in a folder.

Here are five main areas to get organized:

1. Personal:

Write these things down as there aren’t any tax documents to support these:

  • Have you moved or had a child?
  • Has your marital status changed?
  • Are you supporting an older family member?

2. Work:

If you’re employed, self-employed, have rental properties collect the following items:

  • Employed:  A W-2 for each of your jobs
  • Self-Employed:  Put together a profit and loss report, showing all the inflows and outflows, income and expenses for the year.
  • Rental Properties:  Put together a summary showing your income and expenses related to those.

3. Investments:

  • 1099’s showing interest and dividends

4. Retirement:

  • 1099’s for withdrawals or distributions from retirement accounts
  • Pension payments received
  • Social Security benefits received
  • Provide information for IRA contributions you’ve made
  • Provide information for any roth conversions completed

5. Deductions:

  • Medical expenses paid out of pocket that aren’t reimbursed by insurance
  • Home: collect property tax payments, mortgage interest statement
  • Charitable contribution donation receipts and acknowledgements
  • Compile Receipts and a summary of Non-Cash donations for items like clothing or furniture to the Salvation Army or Goodwill

This is a quick summary of a few types of documents to gather.  If you want a more comprehensive list visit our website to download that.  We hope that will help you gather your documents, understand your situation, and help your accountant file your return earlier.

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