Earnings Season Has Started. And There’s Mixed Financial Results…

Over the past week, earnings season started! Right now we are watching to see if companies performed better than expected or reported less earnings per share than expected. Do you ever look back at the results of a project you’ve been working on to see how it performed? This is what we get to do with every reporting company to see how their projections actualized.

Here are the companies that reported in just one day. Each day more and more company reports come in and so far the results have been mixed.

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But just because a company misses it’s estimated earnings doesn’t necessarily mean the stock price will drop. Analysts review what happened to that company and the reasons for any hit or misses. Here are some examples where the company missed or beat earnings estimates but analysts acted differently than expected.

Netflix: Analysts stick by plunging a Netflix shares, see comeback this quarter driven by ‘Stranger Things’

FDS draft financial planner netflix earnings season

American Express: Morgan Stanley loves these stock into earnings, while others on Wall Street do not

FDS draft financial planner morgan stanley earnings season

And you can even look back over recent history to see how company earnings have been trending with the long-running bull market and economic expansion.

First Quarter 2019: Still Strong Earnings

Fourth Quarter 2018: Relief from Investment Worry: Recession, Trade, Q4

Third Quarter 2018: Positive Earnings Lead the Market Higher

Remember that making changes to your portfolio doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on the positive performance just because you invest more conservatively. Rather, it is shifting into asset classes that are performing well and can also protect you from an underperforming market.

Wondering how this affects your investments? Schedule a call with Michelle and Steve to discuss your portfolio today.

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