Positive Earnings Lead The Market Higher

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / October 18, 2018

This week had a full calendar of corporate earnings reported.  Let’s review these results to consider what to expect in the weeks ahead.

Financial Design Studio Bank of America

Bank of America: 6.45% Positive Surprise

Netflix: 30.88% Positive Surprise

Abbott: In Line with Expectations

PayPal: Positive

Honeywell: Positive

Schlumberger: Positive

The majority of corporate earnings have been strong which has brought the market higher with it.  We’ve needed to hear some positive news!

As earnings season continues we expect to see continued volatility.  We also expect that most corporations will continue to report good earnings numbers.  Seeing these strong numbers has provided some reassurance that the economy really is strong.  We hear good reports in other areas from the government like production and unemployment.

Seeing these results from corporations now helps to show the strong economy really is flowing through to companies and its employees as well.  We will continue to stay on top of the results as they come in.

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