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Caution: Speed Bumps Ahead

MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® Fasten your seatbelts for bumps ahead!  Let’s review some of the main stories driving market activity this week. CORPORATE EARNINGS: Companies have reported strong earnings which have continued to push up stock prices.  Large gains from companies like Boeing, Ford, Verizon, and AT&T, among many others have reaffirmed confidence in their stock.…

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[Video] How Tax-Deferred Accounts Work

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA There are only three types of accounts: Taxable Tax-Deferred Tax-Free We focused on the Taxable accounts last time.  Let’s jump in now and look at the second, Tax-Deferred. The accounts in this registration category include the following: Traditional IRA Traditional 401(k) Traditional 403(b) Traditional 457 Thrift Savings Plan The movement of money…

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[Video] Is Your Power of Attorney Accessible?

Power of Attorney

MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® As it’s the summer and we’re all excited to go off to a vacation somewhere nice and lay on the beach, or be in the sunshine, I’m sure that many of us are probably forgetting to pack something that’s really important. Today we’re going to be talking about “packing” your POA, or…

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