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[Video] What Can I Do With My RMD?

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA We’ve talked about RMDs and learned about what they are and when they start.  This is now a chance for us to look at how it is calculated, taxed, received and ultimately used. How to calculate an RMD? An RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) comes from accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs.  It is…

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[Video] You’re 70 1/2… Now What?

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA Now that you’ve been saving in your retirement account for years, there comes a time where you have to start taking money out.  That’s known as a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). What is this?  It is a mandatory withdrawal from certain accounts. What accounts are impacted?  Your Traditional IRA, 401(k), 403(b), etc.…

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The Equifax Data Breach: What Matters?

MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP ® There have been articles informing individuals what to do about the recent data breach.  See this link for what has happened. What we have learned: Signing up for Equifax credit monitoring is not necessarily free like it has been with other company breaches. You can sign up by November 21st for…

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[Video] Are You Fully Vested?

MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® Have you ever looked at your retirement account statement and noticed two different account balances?  The first being an account balance and the second being the vested account balance.  This is because there is a time frame that you have to wait before the employer contributions in your account are vested.  Let’s…

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