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[Video] Maximize Annual Retirement Contributions

Maximize Annual Retirement Contributions One of the items at year-end that we need to be thoughtful of is how much money we’ve put into your retirement accounts available to us.  This is one item that is part of our year-end tax planning checklist. In this video, we discuss maximizing your annual retirement contributions: MICHELLE SMALENBERGER,…

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Third Quarter Earnings Are In Full Swing (Unlike The Cubs)

Quarterly Earnings

 Third Quarter Earnings Are In Full Swing (Unlike The Cubs)! Just like we watched our beloved Chicago Cubs inch out wins during the playoffs, quarterly corporate earnings keep us watching with anticipation. Corporate earnings are reported each calendar quarter and provide us with insight to how a company is operating. The earnings number represents how…

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[Video] Be Aware Of Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle Creep

Join us for our next video: Maximize Annual Retirement Contributions Be Aware: Lifestyle Creep Have you ever found that as you earn more income you spend more?  This is what’s known as lifestyle creep. This means that as your income increases so do your expenses.  So year by year you slowly earn more over time.…

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[Video] Consolidating Retirement Accounts

Financial Design Studio Consolidating Retirement Accounts

What To Consider When Consolidating Retirement Accounts Are you nearing retirement or maybe in retirement?  Or have you had a 401(k) at an old employer and now need to decide what to do with the different accounts?  Can you consolidate them, move them, or need to just leave them where they are? To move a…

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Tax Reform & Portfolio Protections

Financial Design Studio Portfolio

What kind of news have we heard this past week that is impacting the financial markets? TAX REFORM First, we’ve seen progress toward tax reform. The House of Representatives passed the 2018 Fiscal Budget which will now move to the Senate for a vote. This step has to happen in order for overall tax reform…

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