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[Video] Financial Timing Is (Almost) Everything


[Video] Financial Timing Is (Almost) Everything

Timing is everything!  Well maybe in this situation timing isn’t everything; but it IS really important.  What I’m talking about is that as you go through life there are things happening with your finances at each stage. Some obvious instances where timing really does matter are:

  1. Retirement – There are so many decisions being made for the future and for the first day when you don’t go to work.  They all seem to happen at once and they all matter. There are many details you can consider before this date comes to feel ready.
  2. In the midst of your career –  Even while you feel like few decisions are being made you still have to be thoughtful of what needs attention.  For example, you can plan ahead to consider what you want to happen with the assets you’re building up. Do you have insurance in place to care for those you love?
  3. When you have a child – You’re considering insurance, college planning, and who can make decisions for them once they’re of their age of majority.

Even considering those big retirement decisions and the income you receive will affect the premiums you pay for Medicare.  Due to all of these moving pieces timing is everything! As you work with your advisor through the years you can be thoughtful and consider all of your options ahead of time.  You don’t have to look back and wish you would have made some other decision. Wondering how this affects your investments? Schedule a call with Michelle and Steve to discuss your portfolio today. Financial Design Studio Contact Us Deer Park Palatine Barrington Illinois VIEW MORE VIDEOS FROM FINANCIAL DESIGN STUDIO Financial Design Studio Forming Financial Habits FINANCIAL DESIGN STUDIO DONATIONS Financial Design Studio Year-End Financial Checklist Free