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[Video] Merry Christmas

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / December 17, 2018

[Video] Merry Christmas


We are having a Christmas Tree Drawing Contest!  You can vote for who you think draws the best tree.

As we think about Christmas we are reminded it’s not just about gifts.  Even something just as silly as our tree drawing contest these holidays can be used to make memories.  You could even do this to have a little bit of fun or laugh a little bit!

If you can’t be around family maybe you can start some new traditions.  Maybe you could gather with friends and start something you’ve never done before.  Hopefully you look back years from now enjoying those new traditions.

Some other things we like to do to make memories are playing games.  One of Emma’s favorite is Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel. One of Michelle’s favorite games is UNO.

So take a second, look at the three trees, and vote for the one that you like best!

From our family to yours MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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