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It’s Not Typical: This Recent Financial High

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / June 7, 2019

Are you riding this week’s financial high? Remember these second chances we’ve discussed that you’re being given to make any allocation changes necessary to adjust your risk for volatility you don’t like to see. And maybe you’ve seen the past few days of gains the market has continued in. With the market near it’s high, stories about trade tariffs and interest rates become important to keep an eye on.

financial design studio financial planner deer park barrington il riding financial high

Today’s job report will become important as it will give guidance to when interest rates might change. The last 10 years have brought a bull market with the market moving higher and higher.

financial design studio financial planner deer park barrington il riding financial high

Please don’t forget that the market performance we have seen isn’t typical. Be sure you are staying diversified so any change in performance doesn’t catch you by surprise. Your portfolio should be invested to reach your goals not someone else’s.

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