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[Video] Implementing A [Jerry] Seinfeld Strategy

[Video] Implementing A [Jerry] Seinfeld Strategy


Jerry Seinfeld– he’s one of the most successful comedians of all time. Whether you judge him based on his popularity, his critical acclaim, his longstanding sitcom, or just his funny jokes –he always produced. And he produced consistently. It’s documented that a young comedian met him backstage, and simply asked a question, “Jerry what would you recommend to a young comedian. How do I get to where you are?” And he said it real simply, kind of formatically, “If you want to be good comedian, you have to have good jokes. If you want to have good jokes, you need to write.”

So he boiled it down, made it very simple. He said simply, “Get a calendar. One that you can see all the entire year. And your one job–real simple– is to have a streak. No breaks in the chain. Just do it. Do it over and over–write. Write better, write better.”

And the one job was not to break the chain. It wasn’t to write good jokes, or to get better doing that. It was simply to write.

So as we’re applying this concept to our own lives–whether it’s spiritually, physically, relationally, or even financially– are there areas in your life that you can apply, you can take a calendar and do something simple, day after day, after day?

Some advice here would be, find something that’s first of all meaningful to you. Next, is it sustainable? Meaning if you’re working out, can you do pushups? And if you can do pushups, can you do 10 a day? And if you can do that for a long streak, you’re going to get better.

In a financial term, it’s not reading a book. Maybe it’s finding one new article every day, that you learn a new concept from. It’s meaningful enough that you do it, but not so hard that you never get it done.

So take that, the Seinfeld Strategy and see where you’ll be a year from now, having a bunch of x’s in a row.

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