Considering the economy today, here’s a “second chance” to change your investments.

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / May 24, 2019

As a financial planner in Deer Park, we are constantly tracking how the financial market is running each day. And with the recent market volatility of the market going up and down here is an opportunity to make changes to your portfolio if you didn’t like what you’ve been experiencing.

Consider this your “second chance”. There is still time to adjust your portfolio now that we know the market is in a volatile crazy cycle! For example, if you didn’t like when the market went down, you could have reallocated your portfolio when the market came back up.

Look at these areas and decide if the changes will affect your financial picture:

1. The still continuing trade talks have provided what we call the US-China Trade Talk Volatility.

financial design studio financial planner deer park barrington ilHere, Jim Cramer mentions that this is a reminder that “if we do get any breakthrough in the trade talks” we will get an “epic rebound” in the market. Investors are viewing the trade deal as unlikely as both sides seem to be unlikely to compromise.

2. Mortgage Rates have lowered to another low level.

financial design studio financial planner deer park barrington il draft 2

This news highlights that the trade talk standstill with China may actually be good for home buyers (while also slowing the economy). Mortgage rates dropped below 4% for the very top mortgage borrowers!

Consider this as an opportunity to refinance a mortgage or debt that could affect your overall financial picture. Don’t sit on the sidelines and not make changes if you aren’t happy with the volatility and uncertainty you feel. We can walk you though what each week’s financial news means for your portfolio if you are concerned.

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