Podcast Episode 36: How to Set Your Kids Up For Success

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / February 7, 2024

We all want the best for our kids, but how do we set them on the path to success? In this episode, we interview Anna Lewis our Creative Director to see how this might be viewed from the younger generation’s perspective. She shares the opportunities her parents gave her and how they shaped who she became.

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Michelle Smalenberger, CFP®; Anna Lewis

Behind the Designs Ep. 36: How to Set Your Kids Up for Success

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Key Moments

1:47 How the world has changed

5:01 Meet Anna Lewis

7:08 How do you define success?

11:42 Working as an unpaid intern

20:13 Starting an Etsy shop

27:59 Working at FDS

30:50 Graduating high school, College, and Starting a company

40:56 How is your family different?

48:04 What did your parents do to equip you?

59:29 Practical ways to set your kids up well.

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Credits for Episode 36

Executive Producer : Anna Lewis

Host : Michelle Smalenberger, CFP®

Guest : Anna Lewis

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