August 2021 Financial Planning & Investment Newsletter

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / September 2, 2021

In This Issue: Financial Planning & Investing Newsletter August 2021

Each month we cover Financial Planning & Investing topics that apply to you.  We cover a variety of topics to point out timely information that applies to you.  See what’s in our Financial Planning & Investing Newsletter August edition!


How Should Parents Plan for A Child’s College Education?

It’s hard to believe but we’re nearing the half-way point in 2021. Six months ago the economy was completely It’s that time of year! For the first time in two years, college campuses are welcoming students back to campus for in-person classes. That also means parents are getting bills for the Fall Semester tuition, room & board.  With the cost of college where it is these days, education expenses can come as a surprise for many parents. How should parents plan for a child’s college education? How will it be paid for? That’s the topic of this post.

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Skills That Are Always In Demand [Video]

There are things in our life, that we look back, and we daydream what could have been. But I want to encourage you that there are some things we can do in life, that are skills we could use throughout the rest of our life– or with anything that we decide to do. Whether it’s being a professional athlete or some other job.

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College Funding Overview [Video]

College funding is a topic we get asked about a lot for two reasons: the importance of the decision and the magnitude of it, or the money involved. You, as a parent, should think through the values you want to pass down to your kids.  Do you want them to focus on school and their grades? Or do you want them to have some skin in the game and be working during school or getting loans?  If they’re involved maybe they will understand the value of their education. The values you want to pass on and your ability to help pay will help determine how much you actually help fund.

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Filling Out The FAFSA Form

In the previous getting started FAFSA resource, we walked you through the key reasons for filling out the 2021-2022 FAFSA form for your college student(s), and how getting an FSA ID is a key first step to fill out the FAFSA itself. If you’re planning on filling out the 2021-2022 FAFSA and haven’t gotten your FSA ID yet, make sure you visit the getting started FAFSA resource to see how to do that!

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Financial Planning & Investing Newsletter August!

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