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February 2021 Financial Planning & Investment Newsletter

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / February 18, 2021

February Investment Newsletter

In This Issue: Financial Planning & Investing

Each month we cover Financial Planning & Investing topics that apply to you.  We cover a variety of topics to point out timely information that applies to you!


Investing as the Hare & The Tortoise

As a parent, I’ve always been a big fan of reading Aesop Fables to our kids as part of their bedtime routine. Stories have a way of teaching kids valuable lifelong lessons. They allow kids to imagine themselves as an active part of the story, learning lessons in real-time as if they’re one of the major characters. One of my favorite fables is The Hare & The Tortoise. Recent events with the company Gamestop – which saw its stock rise to dizzying heights before descending just as quickly – reminded me of this time-tested story and brought up an interesting question: “Is it better to invest as The Hare or The Tortoise?” Or better, “Is it better to be a Day Trader or a Long Term Investor?”  Read the rest of the article here.

Tax Planning:

States with No Income Tax

[VIDEO] One question that we get a lot, especially as clients are getting closer to retirement, is, “Where should I look to relocate?” Maybe I don’t want to live in a cold area. I don’t want to deal with snow. Would I want to move somewhere warm. But does that make sense from a tax perspective? From a financial perspective? Will my money last? And how do I make it last the longest?” Watch the video to see which states have no income tax!

Financial Planning:

When Do I take Social Security Benefits?

[VIDEO] For many of our clients who are working near the end of their careers the natural next question that comes to mind is when do I take Social Security benefits?  Over the life of your career you have continuously been paying into Social Security.  It makes sense you would want to maximize any available benefit that you could receive.  This allows you not to have to lean on your outside savings nearly as much.  Check out this video here!

Where Do I Park My Emergency Fund Cash?

[VIDEO] We are all pretty aware and have talked before about keeping 3-6 months of living expenses in an emergency fund.  Maybe you already have this emergency fund or you’re on your way to actually getting that fully funded. But, with this 3-6 months of cash no one gets excited to just leave that sitting in cash.  Today, I want to talk you through some common places where you can park these emergency funds. Click here to see where you should keep your emergency funds.


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