Management Reviews for Business Owners [Video]

by Michelle Smalenberger, CFP® / February 23, 2021

As a business owner you are busy creating your products and delivering your service to your clients and your customers, but do you have time for management reviews?  You have to make time to manage your business.  As part of our accounting and bookkeeping services there are a few things we provide to business owners to help you stay on track. We can help you to do this along the way so it’s getting the same priority level and attention that you’re putting into your business to create the product or service.  

Management Reviews

Profitability of your business

The first thing we review with you is the profitability of your business so you always know how your business is doing. We will always review expenses and income.  This can stay top of your mind for you so that you know your business is profitable and you are paying attention to all these things together.  

Setting growth targets 

Secondly, setting growth targets is something that is really easy to do at the end of the year or the beginning of the year.  But, this is something that we need to be reviewing all throughout the year. It can be common to get 6 months into the year and something happens and you weren’t able to stay on track. Now you need to know should I adjust something or should I just know that I am still going to reach for that big target and know that I might not reach it, but at least you are going to be aware.

Evaluating big projects

Finally we can help evaluate big projects. This could be things like considering to rent a space, is there a build out involved, is there a new service that I could be providing, or something major like adding new employees? What is it that you need help evaluating so you know the cash flow is going to be there to support it and will it make sense in the long term. 

Spending time in your business and focusing your time on that is so important. We want to make sure you are also making it a priority for the success of your business.  When both of these things are getting the attention they need you can focus all of your time on what you do best. We can help focus on these other areas that are needed.  If we can be helpful to keep you on track so you know where you stand on all of these things please reach out because we would be happy to help you!

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