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[Video] How Do You Communicate?

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / May 28, 2019


How do you communicate with other people? And better yet, how do you communicate with your financial adviser?

Are you in a meeting and you ask a question and then they answer back. This might seem simple, but this process of information going back and forth is communication.

Do you share with your advisor, “I’m considering doing this. Or we’re hoping this would work out. Or when this gets done. Or this goal is reached…”

This type of communication is really different than, “I have a question. If I were to save this money. Or if I were to do this, what would happen?”

Instead of, “We’re considering buying this property. We’re considering moving. We’re considering doing this. Or hoping this works out first, and then that.”

Rather than just answering a question, if you share these things with your advisor they can actually start thinking of their strategy. If you’re already in the middle of achieving or if you’ve gotten your goal — they haven’t hadn’t a chance to help you with the strategy.

If you share your goal before something happens, your advisor can be thinking of the strategy all along the way!

If there are different actions you need to take, your advisor can actually communicate those to you in advance. When you reach your goal, it could be EARLIER you thought you would have reached it!  You could benefit greatly by sharing and communicating your goals.

Big Take Away – Share Early

The biggest take away is this mindset of precommunicating with your advisor. If you come to us and say, “We’re considering X or we’re hoping for X. And it could be in five years in ten years. Or when our accounts reach this value, we’re going to take out X amount so we can do this.”

When you share those things early, you’re able to hear an advisor strategy. That’s when we bring in tips that to share that say, “OK, here this is going to help us do that faster. Or we’re going to be able to do this smarter.”

We’d love to be able to hear you say, “OK, now that our accounts are higher, this is what we’d always planned. We’re gonna take this out!” because we provided you with a plan and strategy.

Without a plan or strategy this really can’t ever happen. If your advisor doesn’t know what you’re considering,  they can’t help you create a strategy or help you reach it faster or better.

So think about how you communicate. Do you communicate before or after? Not that it’s wrong, but when you commnicate early, we can help you do more. We can help you accomplish your goals faster or sooner than you even could have compared to not sharing or trying to doing it on your own.

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