[Video] Does One Size Fit All?

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / March 4, 2019


Hats…I love hats.  I have some that are falling apart because I’ve worn them so much.  They come in all different shapes, styles, or colors. Some are fitted and some you can fit with the adjustment in the back which says one size fits all.

But even though that sounds great it’s not until you open it up and adjust it that it actually fits you.  That is just like reading a how-to book or Googling a financial question online. You may have found an answer but does it fit you?

When we are working with our clients whether helping them reduce taxes, find good investment strategies, or just coming to peace with a big decision in their life we’re opening up the adjustor.  We’re helping you find just the right size or answer, just for you, so that it fits.

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