[Video] Daylight Savings Time Check

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / March 10, 2019

It’s that time of year again when we are adjusting the clocks, either springing forward or falling back.  We’re more aware of time because of our surroundings. Either it’s still light out longer or getting dark sooner.  Time is important. We never seem to have enough. We all have the same 24 hours in a day but how we spend it is different for each person.


Here’s a thought of how you can evaluate where you’re spending your time and evaluate whether you should make changes.  Think of this circle as your time. There’s eight different areas: Faith, Family, Firm, Finances, Friends, Fun, Fitness, Future.  You may be spending more or less time in various areas than others.


Am I giving the Lord my first and my best?  Am I serving at my church or in my community?

Family, Firm, Finances:

These all kind of go together.  Am I spending more time at the firm or work than I am with my family.  Or are my finances really out of order and consuming a lot of my time?


What am I looking forward to?  How does my physical fitness or fun fit into that?

All these areas are related to our time and we need to be thoughtful of where it’s all being spent.  Our clients work with us because they have found their finances are taking up too much of their time.  If you find that’s the case with you, we enjoy what we do. Please allow us to help you so you can have your time back!

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