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Higher Interest Rates are Coming

Higher Interest Rates are Coming

The Federal Reserve has made clear that higher interest rates are coming. How can investors and consumers best prepare for this new regime? We take a detailed look at what the Fed just did, how high interest rates might go, and how this impacts the economy.

healthcare in retirement

High Cost of Healthcare in Retirement

High healthcare costs in retirement can make or break your retirement plan. But how can we assess the impact on your retirement plan when there are so many challenges to estimating these future costs? This week’s post looks at these challenges as well as how we help clients stress test their plan for medical cost risks.

Fee Only Financial Advisor Deer Park Barrington Chicago Your Beneficiaries Matter

Your Beneficiaries Matter: Check Who They Are [Video] 

It’s time to do a really quick check of your beneficiaries. This is something that is really easily overlooked. I want to review some of the common accounts where you need to set a beneficiary because this is what states who inherits the funds that are in these accounts. 

performance divergences in first quarter 2022

Incredible Performance Divergences in First Quarter 2022

There have been incredible performance divergences in the first quarter of 2022. Commodities have done great, but stocks and bonds have performed poorly. We review how each asset class has done so far this year and provide our view on how the rest of 2022 may play out.


Investment Impact of Ukraine Invasion

No doubt you’ve been watching the escalating situation with Russia and Ukraine.  Here’s two observations for investing in uncertain times.

Consolidating Retirement Accounts

Consolidating Retirement Accounts [Video]

[Video] Consolidating Retirement Accounts| Do you have accounts with past employers you need to do something with? Should you roll these over?

financial planner deer park barrington il saving for the future surprised by inflation

Don’t Get Surprised By Inflation! [Video]

Inflation is something we watch closely and have written about many other times.  The cost of something in the future will likely go up.

Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead

Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead?

Is the classic 60/40 portfolio for retirees dead? Many commentators believe so. We’re not convinced the 60/40 portfolio is dead, but discuss why people are saying this and what we recommend to current retirees.

Financial Design Studio financial love

Financial Love Skill [Video]

With Valentine’s Day, I want to share the acronym L.O.V.E.  This financial love skill, can help make you successful in your financial plan.

First Quarter 2022 Financial Planning & Investment Newsletter

Financial Planning & Investment Newsletter

First Quarter 2022 Financial Planning & Investment Newsletter| Will Value Stocks Beat Growth Stocks in 2022?| Get Organized: Your Accountant Will Thank You!| and more!

central bank higher interest rates

Central Banks Signal Higher Interest Rates are Coming

Global central banks are making it clear that higher interest are coming. This is a significant shift in the investment environment, one we haven’t seen in 15 years. What does this mean for stock and bond markets and what can you do in anticipation of more volatile markets?

What’s the Impact of Higher Interest Rates?

What’s the Impact of Higher Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve is making clear that higher interest rates are coming. But what does that mean for investors and consumers? This week’s post looks at what impact higher interest rates may have on your finances.