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Archive for May 2018

[Video] It’s Not About The Checklist

[Video] It’s Not About The Checklist MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® As much as it’s about the checklist, it’s really NOT about the checklist.  We’re really talking about moments with money rather than just checking boxes. Here’s a checklist people commonly have of items they have to complete with their finances: Save Invest what I’m saving Set a Plan Set some…

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A State of Mind When The Market Drops

A State of Mind When The Market Drops How do you typically respond when the stock market drops?  Are you concerned your investment values has dropped or do you see it as an opportunity to buy something at a lower price?  As part of investing your portfolio you need to understand how you feel when…

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Patience In Diversification

Patience In Diversification As you’re saving money over time a natural question will inevitably arise: How do I make my savings grow?  It’s important to assess your risk tolerance in the process. This is a matter of understanding what you’re willing to invest in or not invest in to make your funds grow.  As part…

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