[Video] It’s Not About The Checklist


As much as it’s about the checklist, it’s really NOT about the checklist.  We’re really talking about moments with money rather than just checking boxes.

Here’s a checklist people commonly have of items they have to complete with their finances:

  • Save
  • Invest what I’m saving
  • Set a Plan
  • Set some Goals
  • Understand what I’m doing with my financial choices

If you’ve checked all the boxes above you may be thinking you’ve got the checklist completed and so you are set.  But what about the following list?

Moments and HOW you’re getting your checklist completed:

  • Sharing Values
  • Teaching Work Ethic
  • Legacy
  • Teaching About Money
  • Giving Freely

So let’s assume that getting your checklist completed is 50% of your financial goal and the other 50% is how you get your checklist done and the moments you are creating with money.


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