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[Video] It’s Not About The Checklist

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / May 28, 2018

[Video] It’s Not About The Checklist


As much as it’s about the checklist, it’s really NOT about the checklist.  We will be talking about this and exploring what that really means.  We’re really talking about moments with money rather than just checking boxes.  Firstly, let’s look at what this list may look like that we commonly have on our mind in regards to finances.

Checklist people commonly have of items they have to complete with their finances:

  • Save
  • Invest what I’m saving
  • Set a Plan
  • Set some Goals
  • Understand what I’m doing with my financial choices

If you’ve checked all the boxes above you may be thinking you’ve got the list completed and so you are set.  That’s great that you have completed that, but what about the following list? Similarly we could look at the moments and how you actually completed that list. These hold valuable insights not only for you but others.

Moments and HOW you’re getting your list completed:

  • Sharing Values-  What is something valuable you can pass on to your children or those close to you?
  • Teaching Work Ethic-  We all have different experiences from life and even our past jobs.  Have you learned something from a particular job or just from a lifelong career that required you to go above and beyond?
  • Legacy-what do you want to leave behind.  Things your children will remember. Are there lessons you can leave behind?
  • Teaching About Money- Maybe this is about sharing with your children or others about how you have saved.
  • Giving Freely-If you have done well in the past and now you feel settled financially maybe its time to share that wealth with others.  As you are earning more and spending less you find you are able to give more freely.  You may to choose to give to people close to you or to something you are passionate about a charity or organization.

Finally, let’s assume getting your list completed is 50% of your financial goal and the other 50% is how you get your list done and the moments you are creating with money.

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