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[Video] Memorial Day and Memorable Days

[Video] Memorial Day and Memorable Days


As we approach Memorial Day I want to stop and think of the those that have served our country and gave their lives for our freedoms.  Their actions have impacted our lives. Just as we remember these people who served, we can recognize many memorable dates on the calendar too.

It could be January 1st or December 31st.  The beginning of the year where you look ahead to refresh.  What do you want to accomplish this year? Or the end of the year to review all did achieve.

There may be other dates for you too.  It may be your birthday or your child’s birthday.  When you look at the same date year after year you think of how you’ve changed and grown.  Am I the same person I was a year ago? Likewise reflecting on your children’s birth dates for all you want to help them become or teach.  How am I helping them grow?

Even other dates like when you file your tax return or special family trips you take that you look forward to become dates you remember over time.  Dates on the calendar can be real easy to miss. We flip pages without even thinking about it. But DO think about it! Have days you can look forward to and days you can look back at.  Have days that you remember what you’ve done.

Ultimately, this day is about remembering those who have served our country.  We Thank You!


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