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Archive for April 2017

Friday’s Financial Update 4-28-2017

Written By: Michelle Smalenberger, CFP ® Moving Forward.  That’s what time does.  Even if you take a few steps back, time is moving forward.  There’s no reversing, undoing or stopping it.  Today is a good day to remember to look back and review. Even in times when we may have wanted to reverse, undo or…

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Think Little Not Big

Written by: Michelle Smalenberger, CFP ® Whether you are retired and living on a fixed income and investment portfolio, or just starting to build your finances, knowing your monthly expenses is critical to your plan.  When defining where you will spend money don’t forget the little expenses.  You don’t want to $9.99 yourself out of…

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Who has your attention?

Leader - Megaphone

Written by: Michelle Smalenberger, CFP ® Did you know someone is always watching you?  No I’m not talking about technology or the government, and the increasing awareness we have that so many things are connected.  I’m talking about an awareness that you are being watched by someone who either looks up to you, learns from…

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Facts Are Stubborn Things
– John Adams

not listening to fact

WRITTEN BY: MICHELLE SMALENBERGER CFP®  A fact is something that can’t be changed.  It is what it is.  The simple fact is the earlier you start to plan and care for your finances, the longer you’ll have to reach your goals. Distracting thoughts like “I don’t have enough money” or “Once I get things in…

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What’s In Your Toolbox? (Part 4)

What's in your Toolbox?

Stephen Smalenberger, EA Over the last several blog entries, we have reviewed the details within the various types of accounts and learned how and when they are taxed. To finish this series, let’s look at the final grouping:   Taxable Tax-Deferred Tax-Free The Roth IRA was named after William Roth, a senator from the state…

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