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Archive for April 2017

Friday’s Financial Update 4-7-2017

market week 4.7.17

Written By: Michelle Smalenberger CFP®  Have you been busy?  Perhaps, you feel like you’ve missed a lot of the news throughout the week.  Let’s review all that has filled our screens, newspapers, and airwaves.  The following is a graphic I put together to summarize big picture stories and the way to invest in the midst…

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What’s In Your Toolbox? (Part 3)

What's in your Toolbox?

Stephen Smalenberger, EA In the last blog entry What’s In Your Toolbox? (Part 2), we learned about the various types of taxable accounts and how the investment growth is taxed when earned.   Let’s turn our attention, today, to the next group of accounts in order to better understand the value these bring to our…

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