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Top Financial Advice Videos From 2019!

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / December 30, 2019

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Top 2019 Financial Advice Videos

2019 was quite a big year for us at Financial Design Studio. From the growth of our team to expanding how we serve you, we are always looking for more ways to give you answers to your top finance-related questions.

As we look at the past year, here’s the countdown of the top five financial advice videos we’ve published! Catch up on all of the content here and on our Youtube Channel for weekly market updates and features.

#1: States With No Income Tax

Where can you retire without having to pay income tax?

#2: The Peter Principle Explains Our Incompetence

When we are promoted to the next level, this tends to happen to our competencies.

#3: New 2019 Contribution Limits

Up or down? Let’s see what happened to our contribution limits…

#4: Implementing the Seinfeld Strategy

Jerry Seinfeld is a master of the perfect comedic line. Here’s what I learned from his process and how we can apply it to other areas of your life!

#5: Calculate Your Spending Without A Budget

Don’t have an official budget just yet? Here’s a quick and easy way to calculate your general spending!

Thanks for watching! From all of us at Financial Design Studio, we wish you a very happy New Year in 2020!


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