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A Reminder To Take Action [Video]

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / January 6, 2020

I’ve had this on my keychain for years. It’s a carabiner. It’s what mountain climbers, zipliners use to repel and go up and climb. It hasn’t really meant anything to me until this past weekend. You see I went away with my daughter, Emma. We went to a daddy daughter retreat up in Michigan and she got over her fear of heights and speed. 

You see they opened up the new zipline course. She didn’t want to do it at first, then she overcame her fear, and tried it and loved it. 

In fact, she loved it so much she said it was amazing and she did it the rest of the afternoon. 

So every time I look at this keychain, it is going to mean something to me. You see, it is going to remind me of that experience with her. It’s going to remind me how it took her a couple seconds to get over her fear and to experience something completely new.

So my challenge to you is look around at something that is everyday use.

Something you never really thought of before. Maybe it is something in your life or your relationship. Maybe it is something in your finances. Or maybe it is something spiritual. Take something that every time you see it, you use it, go past it, it clicks and it makes you think of an action. Something that makes you think of something you have to do or change your mentality. 

So for me, this carabiner is going to remind me of that experience when Emma overcame her fears and experienced something she now loves.  

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