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[Video] Our New Year Plans


Here for the 2020 New Year, we wanted to share with you a few things we like doing outside of our professional life that we want to get back to doing in this upcoming year. 


Trevore: For me, I’d really like to get back to woodworking and get back to playing soccer.


Robert: For 2020, I’m hoping to get back on the Kansas City Barbecue Competition Circuit. 


Steve: And for me in 2020, I want to be playing golf and going on more fishing trips with friends.


Michelle: I’d like to continue singing and also spend some time doing little projects around the house. 


So, you’ve heard what our favorite things are that we like to do in our spare time this New Year. We’d love to hear. What are some things you really enjoy doing and plan to spend more time doing this next year!

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