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[Video] Technology Can Be A Help And A Hindrance

[Video] Technology Can Be A Help And A Hindrance

New gadgets and tools are always coming to market. They can help you track or do it faster and better than before.

But, sometimes that new tool, may not necessarily give you all of the help, or the relief, that you were looking for.

Let’s explain this a little deeper.

As an example, as you start gathering your tax information together, you may be finding that something you had set up to be helpful for you, actually isn’t ending up giving you all of the relief of time, or energy, that you thought it would.

So there’s a lot of great tools that are created to manage things like our passwords, or software, or receipts, or mileage.

While there are great tools that you could take benefit of, there are some that it takes so much time to set them up, that it actually becomes a hindrance not a help.

And so don’t be afraid, if you feel like that old paper and pencil– while it may not seem innovative today– if that’s the best system that you have in place to track. If that has always worked for you, use it.

Maybe just snap a picture of it every now and then throughout the year, so you don’t lose it.

Don’t feel like you have to use the greatest and latest new tool.

That may have a cost that comes with it. If your original system is helping you – compared to the energy that you were applying towards the newest and latest technique, don’t be afraid to just use your system.

So I just want to encourage you that, there are going to be great technologies that help us move forward and help us do something better. But just don’t be afraid if there’s something that’s worked for you and it always has. Use what you’re comfortable with.

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