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Summer Ideas For Kids [Video]

by Michelle Smalenberger / June 2, 2021

School’s out so what’s a kid to do?  Keep reading for some summer ideas for kids.  We want to help give you some ideas to keep them busy this summer while it’s warm outside.

Work Ideas for Kids

You would be surprised at the ideas for kids in order to help them earn some money for the things they do to help!  When kids have more free time in the summer this is a great time for them to get outside and enjoy the sun while also helping to complete some jobs you need to get done.

Mowing lawns or yard work:  They can do jobs appropriate to their age and get paid for them.  Whether this is for your own family or for neighbors or people in your city.  If your kids are younger then simply having them pick up sticks, weeds, or trash in the yard or your community would be a great idea.  But for older kids they might even be able to mow lawns or run other tools like a weed eater.

Gardening: Kids will learn to get their hands dirty or maybe even sell the “fruits” of their labor.  You may need someone to help clean the vegetables when you get them from the garden.  Or maybe their job could be to check for any new produce ready to be picked each day.  If you are like us you may even save some of your garden produce to have all year by canning or freezing them.  Kids can be a great help!

Hauling Hay or Harvesting Crops:  In farming communities there are great summer jobs.  Maybe your older kids are able to drive a truck or tractor to help with crops.  Hauling hay is great for kids trying to exercise or strength train for fall sports around the corner!

Lessons Learned:

Kids learn that working with their hands gives them a sense of accomplishments or pride in a job well done.

Education Ideas

Summer Classes:  Benefits to summer classes include taking a shorter amount of time to get a class done.  Usually these classes are fast paced and take only weeks in the summer instead of a full semester.

Lessons:  Music lessons or tutoring in a specific area to be stronger at something.

Camps:  There are so many educational camps through schools or other community events now that kids are able to participate in.  Maybe they can do a camp about something they are not 100% sure they want to pursue.  Then they can get an idea of what it may be like and see if they want to commit to it afterwards.

Volunteering: Many non-profits are always looking for volunteers to help out.  If kids are not tied down with the normal school schedule they have more time and flexible schedule to volunteer with different organizations.

Lessons Learned:

Kids learn that we should always be learning.  We can always be looking for areas to learn a new skill or lesson.  Kids can learn that giving back or volunteering is something that benefits others and they learn the needs in their own community.

Fun Summer Ideas for Kids

Swimming, Sports, Travel:  Just having fun doing all things summer.

Lessons Learned:

Kids need to know it’s good to rest and recharge too!

Hopefully this gives you ideas for your kid’s summer.  Whether they are doing all of these or one of these summer can be a great time to teach them something in all the activities they are doing.

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