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[Video] Summer Ideas For Kids

[Video] Summer Ideas For Kids


School’s out so what’s a kid to do?  We want to help give you some ideas to keep them busy this summer while it’s warm outside.

(Work) Mowing lawns:

They can do jobs appropriate to their age and get paid for them.

(Work) Gardening:

Just learning to get their hands dirty or maybe even selling the “fruits” of their labor.

(Work) Hauling Hay or Harvesting Crops:

In farming communities there are great summer jobs.

Lessons Learned:

Kids learn that working with their hands gives them a sense of accomplishments or pride in a job well done.

(Education) Summer Classes:

Benefits to summer classes include taking a shorter amount of time to get a class done.

(Education) Lessons:

Music lessons or tutoring in a specific area to be stronger at something

Lessons Learned:

Kids learn that we should always be learning.  We can always be looking for areas to learn a new skill or lesson.


Swimming, Sports, Travel:  Just having fun doing all things summer.

Lessons Learned:

Kids need to know it’s good to rest and recharge too!

Hopefully this gives you ideas for your kid’s summer.  Whether they are doing all of these or one of these summer can be a great time to teach them something in all the activities they are doing.


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