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[Video] Having Teaching Moments About Money With Your Kids

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / November 4, 2019

[Length: 1:11 Minute Video]

Teachable Moments With Your Kids

Earlier this year my wife and I were able to take our daughter to Disney World.

And it was about that time that my mother pulled out my old Micky bank.

It was through those lessons of seeing Micky, seeing Minnie, and seeing the princesses that I was actually able to teach my daughter about the different denominations of money, but then also the importance of saving and how much fun that can be.

So our encouragement to you is to look for teachable moments to have with your kids and grand kids and make it fun.

Excitement and teachable moments is really a great foundation. If you can do that now, we are building blocks upon that now.

Money can be fun, but it is a tool too.

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