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Summer School


Summer School

School is out for the year and your summer fun has probably already started! Remember before school ended that the teachers were telling you to keep reading or practicing something over the summer? There are statistics that show how important it is for kids to continue reading every day even during the summer when they aren’t at school.

Just like it’s important for kids to not take the summer off from reading, be sure you don’t either! What we mean is that you can’t grow complacent with your investments. With the market at all-time highs it would be prudent to make some shifts between asset classes if any changes in your life warrant it.

It’s easy to forget about market performance before the last ten years of an uphill climb. Look in the chart below to remember how it hasn’t always been as easy for your investments to grow. Don’t assume the last ten years will continue for the next. Of course, we hope it does, but we can’t assume it will.

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Review your personal situation for any changes upcoming. Are you expecting to retire in the next five years? Will you have other big expenses such as a wedding or college for a family member? Do you hope to change homes in the years ahead? Study your investment portfolio to see if any changes need to be made. There are a variety of things that can warrant a change needs to be made.

Wondering how this affects your investments? Schedule a call with Michelle and Steve to discuss your portfolio today.

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