Monopoly & Excel: Is Your Family A Team? [Video]

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / September 9, 2019

Have you ever thought of your family as a part of a team that can teach each other new skills?

One of our clients has this story for us about the importance of being a team. The mother of the family had the opportunity for a change of careers, but she was required to have a higher level of competence in Excel. Her son knew the program very well and was able to teach her formulas, shortcuts, and how to manipulate the data she would be working with. 

She was able to learn the program, obtain her career promotion, and have confidence in her new role. 

So this started a discussion about the parent/child teaching relationship and how families can be a team that shares information with each other. We often think as parents that we have something to teach our kids, but especially with emerging technology, we can be learning as well. 

In the early years, we teach kids life-long lessons about goals through Monopoly, The Game Of Life, and with toy cash registers. We want our children to understand how to use and count money. These games actually help kids learn to be strategic and make good decisions. 

So, as a parent, keep in mind that as you are pouring into your child, what can you be learning as well? We recommend every so often to go around the kitchen table and discuss topics or hobbies that each person knows really well. We bet you, everyone in the family has something they can teach one another.

Ultimately you all want to win. You can help each other do that together!

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