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[Video] How a Financial Advisor Helps You Make Progress

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / November 11, 2020

[Video] How a Financial Advisor Helps You Make Progress

Can you think of someone that has helped you make progress in the past?  The past would be times like leaving high school, going off to college, your first job after college, or maybe even furthering your career along the way?  Personally, I have two friends with the same name, Rachel, and one other friend named Jana.  There are other people who I can remember helping me make health progress or supporting me when I moved to a new place. But the point is that there are people I can look back on and remember who was instrumental in my life.  And really as financial planners that is what we hope to do.  

  • The first area we help people is in gathering documents.  When we start working with a new client there is information we need to get from you.  This just gives us a sense of what is happening with your finances because those documents tell a story.  Even with this first step of gathering documents, clients feel like they make progress. They find things they didn’t know were necessary and even learn where to look for them.  This may mean getting logged into accounts or finding information which they now know is important. So progress is made right away!


  • The second way we help is that some people just need to see their plan.  They need to know it’s going to be successful or not and how to change course.  Seeing their plan can now help them  put that into practice.  They know the actions they need to take and can envision what the end is going to look like.  

Personally, we have talked about changes we can make as we look around our home. For one of us it may be hard to envision what a change would look like and the other has this perfect vision in their head of what the end result will look like. For us it helped to work with a professional so we could both envision the result together.  

This is where a professional can demonstrate the changes and the result. 

This is exactly what we do with our clients, as a financial advisor. We put your plan into software and spreadsheets that we have created to help you see what the end and the path along the way looks like. 

Now you can work as a team together knowing month by month or every year the actions you need to take.  If you need help envisioning your plan we would love to be a part of your successful story.  


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