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[Video] Financial Q&A Webinar: Retirement, Stimulus, Refinancing

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / May 8, 2020

[Video] Financial Q&A Webinar: Retirement, Stimulus, Refinancing


We recorded our session and are sharing it with you here.  Please fast forward to listen where you want to if you like:

Market & Economic Update: 1:00 minute mark

CARES Act Update:  18:55 minute mark

Question 1: 25:18 minute mark – I’m considering investing in gold for stability in retirement.  Is that a good idea?

Question 2: 33:50 minute mark – What should I do with the economic stimulus funds I received?

Question 3: 38:35 minute mark – Should we consider refinancing our mortgage now?

FDS Resources: 42:00 minute mark

Here are links to the resources mentioned in our video for quick reference:
FDS CARES Act Summary (15-page PDF):…/Financial-Design-Studio…

Legal Update with Heather Guilette Walser at Lavelle Law.

Insurance Update with Ryan Delp at Bradish Associates, LTD.

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